Authentication Solutions

Authentication Solutions focus on the identification of a user and the management of user credentials. The core elements of authentication include ensuring the right level of authentication is used for the services being offered and leveraging an authentication source for both internal and external services. Read More

Authorisation Solutions

Authorisation Solutions involve verifying that an authenticated subject has permission to perform certain operations or access specific resources. Authorisation solutions need to be able to offer an adequate level of control over resources in a scalable way that can accommodate the size and growth of an organisation. Read More

Directory Services

Directory Services solutions allow an organisation to leverage their directory service information and infrastructure in a more secure and meaningful way. Directory information visualisation, advanced searching and printing services allow vital organisation data to be accessed and used widely within an organisation or wider internet community. Read More

Identity Account Management Solutions

Identity account management solutions focus predominantly on the management and business processes associated with user accounts. These solutions are focussed on increasing security, whilst streamlining the processes associated with the provisioning, de-provisioning, and ongoing life-cycle maintenance of user accounts inside and outside an enterprise. Read More

Auditing and Reporting Solutions

Auditing and reporting solutions provide enterprises with an ability to monitor systems for specific events/activity and obtain reports on this activity as well as the current status of systems and their configuration. Read More

Operating System Security Solutions

Operating System security solutions allow an enterprise to control, audit and secure their operating systems with a greater level of ease and flexibility than what is normally achievable through the operating system's own tools. Read More

Defence Solutions

EB2BCOM supply a range of solutions that are specifically suited to defence and military environments. EB2BCOM can supply solutions that include firewalls and guards for applications, directory replication, mail, IM, file transfer and network management traffic. Read More

Health Solutions

Health organisations have complex, and often unique requirements in terms of identity management and related security. Disparate information sources and typically disjoint applications are problematic within health organisations and result in administrative and resourcing overheads that can be avoided. Read More

Government Solutions

EB2BCOM has supplied IT systems  and services to the Government sector for over fourteen years. We supply a range of software and associated expertise that address the specific requirements of the various levels and types of Governments, including simple access but authorised access to information (eGovernment), privacy, security, synchronising of multiple data repositories, IT compliance and auditing, secure messaging, and data leakage prevention. Read More


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