Dome 9

As public and hybrid cloud adoption grows exponentially, organisations are finding it increasingly challenging to implement security that adequately supports cloud-based infrastructure.
Traditional security products cannot cope with the dynamism and elasticity of the public cloud. What’s needed is a new type of cloud security architecture designed to address the abstract and agile nature of this infrastructure.

EB2BCOM has partnered with Dome9 to deliver SecOps – a network security solution built specifically to support public and hybrid cloud infrastructure. SecOps is designed to:

  • Ensure consistent policies across regions, accounts and clouds
  • Reduce threat exposure of ‘internal’ cloud servers
  • Ensure servers are always in a secure and compliant state

Make cloud security operations manageable
Dome9 SecOps is designed as a cloud security operations console. It incorporates a policy automation engine that enables centralised management of security policies of all servers across regions, accounts, and clouds. Features including new server policy inheritance and role-based authorisation make day-to-day security management simple.

Eradicate operator error in the cloud
Dome9 SecOps comes with a number of capabilities to reduce and even eliminate human error before critical systems become exposed. Features including security groups, IP Lists and tagging help automate and abstract security policies and make them human readable.

Cut down the attack surface
Dome9 SecOps can help you harden cloud servers and reduce the surface of attack. It supports secure access control into the Dome9 console using multi-factor authentication. An in-built file integrity monitoring capability also tracks and monitors unauthorised or malicious changes to any critical operating system file.

Speed compliance in the cloud
Dome9 has a number of security controls that can aid in compliance. Whether it is PCI, SAS 70, HIPAA, FISMA or SOC 2, Dome9 SecOps has a number of included controls including host firewall, file integrity monitoring, logging and policy visualisation that can help address the underlying requirements. Every action in the product is logged to support future audit needs, and the level of automation supported by Dome9 speeds up the compliance and audit process significantly.

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