Cyber threats affect both businesses and consumers, cyber incidents are becoming so widespread that some of the associated costs are fairly well anticipated, and are increasingly accepted as part of the risk of doing business. Direct costs can include fraud, breach assurance programs, regulatory fines, public relations, technical analysis and remediation, and litigation. 

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to protect against malware, but it is also becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Although there are many independent rating agencies for anti-malware engines, no single engine can be definitively rated the "best". Different engines have different strengths, detect different threats, and have different response times to various outbreaks. Organizations have to consider all of these factors when determining how to protect against malware.



OPSWAT provides intelligence as well as protection to help groups and individuals continue to be both productive and secure. Providing solutions for IT security and management, OPSWAT’s solutions allow both business and individuals to spend more time focusing on their other non-security and compliance tasks. OPSWAT helps protect some of the world’s critical operations: critical infrastructure, government agencies, financial institutions and others, and we have an obligation to provide the best protection we can to keep these institutions, their data and their customers secure.

Ensure that your organization has the best protection against cyber-attacks by integrating OPSWAT’s multi-scanning technology to your security solution. Scanning content with multiple anti-malware engines enables improved protection against the growing malware landscape by increasing overall detection rates and decreasing the time until outbreaks are detected. Multi-scanning also decreases the likelihood that an organization will suffer periods with no protection; if one anti-malware engine goes down, another included engine will remain available for scanning.

OPSWAT's software management solutions offer streamlined technology partnerships between leading technology solutions and software vendors. By enabling seamless compatibility and easy management capabilities, we allow network security and manageability solutions to provide visibility, assessment and management of multiple application types installed on an endpoint, as well as the ability to remove unwanted or non-compliant applications.

OPSWAT’s innovative solutions for security data workflow deliver advanced threat protection through scanning for known threats with many anti-malware engines and sanitizing documents to prevent unknown threats.



  • Scanning with many anti-malware engines, heuristics, file type detection, data sanitization, archive scanning, and other features that enable organizations to detect and prevent both known and unknown threats
  • Increase detection rates, detect unknown threats, and reduce response time to outbreaks
  • Control users and data flow- All data and user traffic is recorded and made available for audit to provide insight for administrators.
  • Limit media entering the organization- enhancing the security needed for critical infrastructure. will still remain secure and air gapped, and can eliminate the need to allow external media into the organization.
  • Support best practice to enforce tight restrictions at the network level, allowing data to enter the organization in a controlled and supervised manner, while still complying with regulations



  • Metadefender-Threat Detection and Prevention Platform
  • Multi-scanning Engines
  • Data Sanitization Engines
  • Vulnerability Engine

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