ViewDS Identity Solutions

Unlike ordinary registry and discovery services that are application specific, ViewDS provides a comprehensive, yet flexible, discovery server with no built-in preconceptions about the real-world objects, and the properties thereof, that need to be registered and subsequently discovered.

The result is a single service that can satisfy the registration and discovery requirements of a large range of applications and purposes across a wide range of industries.



ViewDS includes in one server:

  • World leading approximate matching and searching
  • Component matching with fine granularity searching
  • An integrated Web-based configurable User Interface
  • Deep 'tree' structures that reflect real organisations, enabling “Machinery-of-Government” or organisational structure changes
  • Powerful extended Access Control capabilities
  • Online Organisation Charting, Alternate Hierarchies and Selective Reporting
  • Unparalleled syntax support ('intelligent storage')
  • High integrity replication across multiple servers
  • Offers comprehensive publishing point services to standard LDAP Directories such as Sun DSEE, Novell eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory, Microsoft Active Directory & ADAM, and IBM Tivoli Directory
  • Provides Integrated Synchronisation server capability and tight integration with a number of Virtual Directory solutions 


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