Directory Services

EB2BCOM is a leading provider of directory systems and applications in the Asia Pacific region. We provide product expertise, configuration and support for:

  • The ViewDS Directory Server that is used for a wide range of purposes and applications
  • ViewDS Access Presence web presentation and searching interface
  • Virtual directory systems from Radiant Logic
  • Data transfer and synchronisation using a range of technologies
  • Applications that leverage the capability of these technologies

Directory Services solutions allow an organisation to leverage their directory service information and infrastructure in a more secure and meaningful way.

Directory information visualisation, advanced searching, and printing services allow vital organisation data to be accessed and used widely within an organisation or wider internet community.

Centralising information either through synchronisation or virtualisation solutions allow organisations to make business processes more efficient through a consolidated view of information.

Directory Service solutions provided by EB2BCOM include:

Advanced searching solutions

Typical directory servers and database systems have been designed to be data repositories that are accessed by other software applications. Such systems do not require sophisticated searching capabilities, since software applications are typically searching for a known value (such as an email address or a unique key).

When regular users are accessing data stores to locate information, they cannot be expected to be precise and exact. Human users will exhibit the following traits:

  • Imprecise search terms
  • Names can be misheard or shortened
  • Not familiar with conventional function or service keywords
  • Use acronyms and abbreviations
  • Be unfamiliar with the correct spelling of a word

Advanced searching solutions allow human users to locate what they are looking for by accommodating for human error.

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Identity information management

Identity management solutions offer organisations a wide-range of benefits, often comprising of one or more of the following; account provisioning, workflow processing, data synchronisation, single sign on, federation, user data management, information visualisation, centralised authentication and access management, etc.

In most identity management cases, a single authoritative view of identity information is a key element. The accessibility and management of identity information is often a key contributor to the success of an identity management solution.

Many larger scale identity management solutions don’t pay a great deal of significance to the identity store and simply use a generic underlying relational database or directory. Identity Information Management solutions provide specialist technology that focuses specifically on the management of identity information.

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Identity visualisation solutions

Organisations store identity information in many disparate locations, including HR and finance databases, network directories, identity management relational databases and generic directory servers. In most cases, the underlying database or directory system is maintaining information for other applications to access and make use of. Typically, these systems are not focussed on providing an information service to human users.

Identity visualisation software provides organisations with an information store and interfaces that are specifically designed to make the information available to human users. This involves allow people to find, view and make use of the information in a meaningful way.

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Printed directory services

Many organisations and governments produce printed directories for operational or regulatory reasons. The costs associated with compiling the information associated with the generation of a printed directory are often exuberant, due to the amount of manual effort required. Since organisations are very dynamic, compiling an accurate set of information is often a task that takes months to complete.

Printed directory solutions provide organisations with a solution that allows directory information to be maintained and formatted for printing easily.

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