Systems and Operational Services


EB2BCOM provides a range of services that cater to supplied systems and applications.

Managed system services

We provide remote managed system services, via a secure link, which manage the monitoring, running and maintenance of supported IT systems. Only accessible by authorised staff, this service provides clients with expert knowledge, advice and resources, removing the need for internal systems administration.

Managed operational services

We provide a range of managed operational services for customers using products sold and supported by EB2BCOM – for instance operations, SysAdmin and application support.

These services are well suited to those who:

  • want continuity from the initial deployment

  • wish to continually optimise their systems

  • wish to minimise their internal costs and risks.

Managed operational services are available on-site or remotely depending on your specific systems and operational service requirements.

Rates depend on the Service Level Agreement, with options for monthly, quarterly or annual payments.


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