Auditing and Reporting

Auditing and reporting solutions provide enterprises with an ability to monitor systems for specific events/activity and obtain reports on this activity as well as the current status of a system’s and its configuration.

The Auditing and Reporting Solutions offered by EB2BCOM include:

File system auditing and reporting

File system auditing and reporting solutions have the ability assess the access permissions configured on a computer’s file system. Auditing and reporting capabilities allow an organization to assess what a user(s) are entitled to access or conversely who can access a given resource.
Organizations may require a file system auditing and reporting solution for a number of reasons, including compliance, internal audit trail, improved security or to obtain access reporting capabilities.

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Operating system auditing and reporting

Operating system auditing and reporting solutions allow an organisation to audit user activity within an operating system. Audit-able activity may include user actions such as command execution and is often required for compliance and security reasons.

EB2BCOM’s solutions can allow real-time and playback monitoring of a user’s activity on a unix/linux operating system.

Directory server auditing and reporting

Directory servers such as Activity Directory are often used to control access to organizational resources. For example, Active Directory maintain group membership information, whose members are provided with a set of access privileges. Changes in group membership are an example of something important that enterprises need to be able to monitor.

Directory server auditing and reporting solutions offer by EB2BCOM allow an organization to perform real-time monitoring and reporting on the changes that occur within their directory server.

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