Comprehensive Cloud Security

EB2Bcom has partnered with Orca Security to provide a cutting-edge solution for cloud security. With the increasing adoption of cloud technology, many organizations face challenges securing their cloud environment. Traditional security solutions can be costly, create friction between development and security teams, and have a negative impact on performance.

Orca Security offers a revolutionary, agentless approach to cloud security that addresses these challenges. Their patented SideScanning technology provides 100% visibility and coverage of all assets across an organization’s cloud estate, including serverless nodes, storage, and containers, on major cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud). Additionally, Orca’s context engine combines workload and cloud configuration details to build a unified data model and visual map of all assets, providing a complete picture of an organization’s security posture.

Orca’s agentless approach and robust capabilities eliminate the need for multiple-point solutions, making it easier to secure and maintain regulatory compliance in cloud environments. eB2Bcom is proud to be the partner of Orca Security to deliver this innovative solution to our clients.

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