ARCON Partnership Announcement

New option for Australian enterprises evaluating Privileged Account Management solutions. Melbourne Australia – 20th January 2020: Identity services specialist EB2BCOM has formed a partnership with ARCON to offer the latter’s leading edge PAM solution to Australian clients. “Identity is our core business and competence” said Bob White, Founder and CEO of EB2BCOM. “Clients are now […]

Semperis Partnership Announcement

EB2BCOM are pleased to announce we have entered into a partnership with Semperis to offer their Active Directory protection and recovery products to customers in the Asia Pacific region.  We offer a  range of assessment, consulting and deployment services from our offices in Singapore and Australia. The Semperis Directory Services Protection Platform™ provides enterprises with the […]

Free Malware Protection offer

  The COVID-19 emergency has exposed many organisations to increased risks from cyber attacks. With unprecedented numbers of staff now working from home, the inadvertent introduction of malware from emails, phishing or portable media present a bigger risk than ever. odix’ CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology removes malware – both known and unknown. As […]

Ransomware – Managing Unknown Threats

The Threat Ransomware attacks are the blackmailing of large and small enterprises around the world to pay many millions of dollars to recover their IT systems. In addition, there may be the cost of lawsuits caused by inadequate IT security, or even closure of the business. This can affect any organisation, as can be seen […]