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PingFederate® is the industry-leading federated identity server for enabling single sign-on to online services for employees, customers and business partners. The only standalone federated identity server, PingFederate integrates and coexists with existing Identity Management deployments. As a result, enterprise-wide identity federation is achievable without extensive upgrades to Identity Management systems.

To optimize business processes, you have increased the extent to which you collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers. A rise in business process outsourcing and the use of on-demand applications has resulted in an unprecedented level of access to sensitive information including intellectual property. Managing access to this information is critical and a significant barrier to rapidly deploying collaborative business systems:
Organizations are turning to the benefits of PingFederate and Web single sign-on as a solution to these growing challenges. Identity federation allows enterprises to securely link and exchange identity information across partner, supplier and customer organizations. Leading organizations have deployed identity federations to form closer business relationships, improve customer service, accelerate execution of partnerships, and cut identity management costs.

PingFederate effectively bridges separate security domains to provide you with the ability to secure your cross-boundary interactions – removing friction, improving productivity, gaining efficiency and enabling competitive differentiation.

Advanced Features

Multi-Protocol Configuration Console

By providing a single use case-driven configuration console to support all versions of SAML as well as WS-Federation, PingFederate 4 simplifies con­figuring environments with multiple protocol connections.

Hardware Security Module Support

PingFederate may be integrated with an optional Hardware Security Module for PKI operations to enable compliance with FIPS 140-2 requirements.

Off-the-Shelf Integration Kits

To reduce the cost of integration of single sign-on with your applications and identity management systems, only PingFederate provides an entire suite of pre built integration kits.

Enterprise Deployment Architecture

Only PingFederate enables you to federate applications residing in multiple domains and manage all partner connections from a single server.

Through PingFederate, identity federation is a centralized service available to your entire organization.

Role-Based Administration

Organizations often divide administrative activities across multiple individuals. PingFederate supports role-based access with differing
responsibilities: User Admin, Admin, Auditor, and Crypto Admin.

Advanced Federation Functionality

As the most advanced federated identity server available, PingFederate provides a number of features not found in many competitive offerings such as support for multiple Identity Providers, Attribute Value Transformation, Identity Mapping, User Attribute Management (including
X.509 Attribute Sharing Profile) and more.

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