We are continually staggered with the number of manual data updates and provisioning/deprovisioning processes in the most sophisticated of enterprises.

Often these are "lost" or comparatively insignificant in corporate IT priorities, or "too hard" in an on-premises/cloud hybrid situation. Sometimes sync tools are tied up in enterprise licences or are components of complex software suites.

However manual processes can have data integrity, cost and security risks

Also as an organisation grows, it's identity landscape becomes more complex. Each new application, migration to cloud or digital transformation brings with it a new set of access credentials.

EB2BCOM can implement everything from small standalone sync requirements to synchronisation of identities across multiple applications and platforms.

We use the ViewDS Identity Bridge sync engine that is available as a standalone system or as part of a directory and/or Identity Management suite.  The Identity Bridge Data Synchronisation Engine enables the migration, synchronisation and provisioning of identities across enterprise systems and cloud applications.

Identity Bridge features:

  • change detection and delta processing – providing scalability and high performance;
  • change notification and workflow capabilities – triggering notifications or conditional synchronisation behaviour;
  • an extensible connector platform – transfer and synchronise identities into virtually any cloud service using custom connectors;
  • an easy-to-use interface – simple wizard-driven interfaces to get you started and technical development interfaces for advanced processing;
  • integration with Access Sentinel Authorization Server – policy-driven provisioning and synchronisation on an identity-by-identity basis;
  • stand-alone, low-cost, and rapid-deployment. Set it and forget operations.