ARCON Partnership Announcement

New option for Australian enterprises evaluating Privileged Account Management solutions.

Melbourne Australia – 20th January 2020: Identity services specialist EB2BCOM has formed a partnership with ARCON to offer the latter’s leading edge PAM solution to Australian clients.

“Identity is our core business and competence” said Bob White, Founder and CEO of EB2BCOM. “Clients are now under pressure to protect access to privileged information”.

ARCON and EB2BCOM offer Australian enterprises a proven and comprehensive alternative to the traditional vendors.


ARCON is a leading information technology company specialized in risk control solutions. It offers a proprietary unified governance framework, which addresses risks across various technology platforms. In the last decade, ARCON has been at the forefront of innovations in risk control solutions, with its roots strongly entranced in identifying business risk across industries.

ARCON has an impressive list of enterprise customers across Europe, India, and the Middle East

About EB2BCOM 

EB2BCOM is a specialist deployer of identity and access management solutions with an impressive client list including government, defence, health, education, telcos, energy and other corporates, and an exemplary record of successful projects and continuing support.