IAM for Hybrid Environments

EB2BCOM partnered with ViewDS to offer Cobalt – the ultimate solution for managing user identities and access across on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid environments. With Cobalt, you can now securely manage access control and security for all your applications and data in one centralized platform.

ViewDS Cobalt IAM provides a secure, centralised platform for MSPs to manage all aspects of IAM for all tenants from a single location. Supports a zero-trust approach to security by allowing the ability to express least-privilege access controls at any level of granularity easily.

Use Cases:

MSPs: Manage IAM for multiple tenants from a single location with the option to delegate administration tasks to tenants.

CSPs: Provide secure IAM services to tenants with the option to offer different levels of service and custom branding.

Digital identity fail-over: Ensure seamless access to applications and services in the event of an outage through data synchronisation and self-service options.


Externalised authorisation offers the convenience and flexibility of RBAC and ABAC to the CSP’s applications and services. Cobalt’s implementation of ABAC also supports a zero-trust approach to security – it allows the ability to easily express least-privilege access controls at any level of granularity.

The multi-tenanted architecture allows you to manage many tenants from a single, secure web application.

Extensible schema, access controls, and custom password policy. You has the option to delegate the administration of these areas to tenants.

Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication are available to users through Cobalt’s identity provider (IdP) to enhance security and the user experience.

Container-based deployment is platform agnostic as well as rapid, robust and scalable.

REST API allows CSPs to develop bespoke and secure user interfaces or to integrate Cobalt features into their applications and services.

Developed by an Australian IAM vendor and used extensively by the Australian Department of Defence.

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