Deployment & Implementation Services

EB2BCOM has over 20 years of experience delivering exemplary Cyber Security, Zero Trust, Identity Management, and Directory solutions to our clients across the Asia-Pacific region. As an alternative to the formulaic, inflexible, and costly offerings of major integrators and consultants, we offer a flexible yet professional approach that meets the specific requirements of businesses in the region. We often engage via such parties because of our specialist expertise and resources in the local market.

As a trusted partner, we offer comprehensive deployment services to help organizations secure their identity management systems. Our process includes requirement analysis, solution design, implementation, testing, and final deployment. Our team of local experts will work with you to create a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and ensure that it is deployed securely and efficiently with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

After deployment, we provide thorough testing and training to ensure a smooth transition and confidence in the reliability and security of the solution. At EB2BCOM, we are committed to helping businesses in the Asia-Pacific region fully leverage the benefits of identity management, with the confidence of working with a trusted and experienced local partner.

Our Process

requirement analysis

solution design



final deployment


Security Architecture

Consultancy and Advisory

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