Directory Based Solutions

EB2BCOM  partnered with ViewDS to provide our clients with the ViewDS Directory Server, a top-performing identity and access management platform that offers scalability and flexibility.

ViewDS Directory Server is a highly robust solution that delivers the security, flexibility and efficiency required by Critical Infrastructure, along with an excellent user experience.

Its fail-over replication, advanced security, and efficient management enable it to handle millions of entries and process thousands of queries per second. The standards-based architecture ensures seamless communication with third-party systems. Flexible access controls and scalability are ideal for organisations requiring secure and reliable directory services.


Standards-based architecture:

  • Seamless communication with third-party directory clients and servers.
  • ABAC, RBAC, and XACML access control for flexibility and control.
  • Implements OSI Stack and X.500 Internet Directly Mapped Protocol.
  • Supports LDAP, XLDAP, SPML, SNMP and HTTP access.

Bespoke user interface:

  • Access Presence is a customisable web application with custom HTML tags.
  • Rapid modification for tailored user interface.

Intuitive search:

  • Advanced search features for quick and easy information search.
  • Approximate matching and XML search and validation.

Certificate management:

  • Comprehensive support for PKI certificates.
  • Certificates and CRLs can be managed rapidly and reliably.

Real-world representation:

  • Directory entries presented in a directory information tree (DIT) to mirror organisation’s hierarchy.
  • Familiar data model for users to browse contact details.

Instant move and rename:

  • Instant move and rename functionality maintaining referential integrity.
  • Efficient support for large-scale changes to the DIT (machinery of government changes).

Distributed data maintenance:

  • Distributed approach to data maintenance.
  • DelegatedDecentralised responsibility for updates and avoids administrative bottlenecks.

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