Employee? Associate? Part-time? Co-Location?

Graduate or grey-haired? Sick of corporate pressure and bureaucracy? Parent seeking more flexibility?

We are in a fast moving, rapidly growing market and are always interested in hearing from IAM and Cybersecurity engineers and consultants who may be attracted to working with us.

We are flexible about arrangements, ranging from full-time employment to one-off contracts, or independent consultants wishing to associate with a larger team and possibly co-locate.

Our people enjoy a working environment that offers:

  • work with the products of emerging and multiple IAM and IGA vendors - not locked into one;
  • flexible working hours and location arrangements;
  • small company lifestyle and family friendly culture;
  • minimal bureaucracy and unproductive time;
  • flexible on location and working from a home office;
  • an independent company with a 21 year track record of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Please feel free to contact us to see if there is an opportunity and fit for you.

If confidential or sensitive please call or email Bob White (Australia) or H.B. Goh (Singapore) directly.