EB2BCOM partners with Eclipz to offer advanced encryption of traffic between untrusted endpoints across insecure networks

Melbourne, Australia – 22nd August 2023

EB2BCOM is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Eclipz .

Eclipz is at the forefront of data security, automating the encryption of traffic between untrusted endpoints across insecure networks, which previously was impossible to secure at scale. Born from technology developed through a classified US government program, Eclipz has been trusted by the US government for over five years and is now available to commercial partners.

Their innovative approach:

  • Reduces enterprise risk with ephemeral keys and secure tunnels
  • Integrates seamlessly without overhead, offering transparency to users and applications
  • Lowers costs by simplifying key management and creating an efficient infrastructure


With Eclipz, businesses can leverage low-cost, lightweight on-demand encryption technology, ensuring transactional and network security between devices, containers, and services. This partnership allows us to offer our clients in APAC a cutting-edge solution to secure data in transit, whether within existing offerings or new standalone solutions.

This collaboration between EB2BCOM and Eclipz marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing top-tier ZTA security solutions in APAC. With Eclipz’s dedication to continuous innovation, we are confident that our clients will always be at the forefront of data protection, today and in the future.

For more insights into our exciting partnership with Eclipz and how their unique technology can benefit your business, reach out to sales@eb2bcom.com