Malware Protection

EB2BCOM have 20+ years of outstanding customer satisfaction experience of assessing and implementing the solutions of a wide range of identity security vendors – both emerging and established.
Is your organisation protected against Ransomware penetration? How long before you are attacked? The solution costs far less than the ransom; not to mention the disruption, loss of data, embarrassment and possible legal claims. EB2BCOM partners with odix, to deliver solutions to protect your organisation against all malware – both known and unknown. odix solutions utilise its Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology to detect and remove malware from files. The range of solutions can re-mediate files accessed via removable storage, network, email and API. Unlike traditional CDR technologies, odix` solutions are effective against both known and unrecognized malware. Using its patented military-grade content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) engine, the odix technology scans, disarms and rebuilds files into clean versions. Once it sanitizes them, it sends the safe copies to the users’ inboxes or back to a clean portable media. This entire process takes seconds, and completely neutralizes the threat of malicious manipulation. Can you afford not to act? Contact us for assessments of how odix technology can help your organisation

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