MEDIA RELEASE: US DoD ICAM Integrator Zigabyte selects Australian software for its Junto solutions

Canberra, Australia, 15 November 2023




US DoD ICAM Integrator Zigabyte selects Australian software for its Junto solutions


Zigabyte Corporation, a leading implementer of ICAM solutions for the US Department of Defense, has selected and integrated software from Australian identity security software developer ViewDS Identity Solutions for inclusion in Zigabyte’s Junto Identity ICAM solutions, namely Junto Edge and Junto Enterprise, (“Junto”).

Junto is a demonstrable functioning solution that will eliminate risk for Military Communications and Information Systems in a Joint Operating Environment. It is vendor agnostic and compatible with industry and open technology standards, ensuring integration with relevant cross-organization data stores and facilitating important mission partner interoperability. We present a modular component solution that works for both enterprise and edge environments, each compatible with the other. This accelerates the ability for Allies to operate globally.

Junto incorporates ViewDS’ Access Sentinel advanced ABAC authorisation software whose design was labelled “a stroke of genius” during evaluations, and Identity Bridge sync software. The products’ adherence to international standards facilitates integration with vendor environments – a key criterion for use in Junto.

Zebulon Griggs, CEO of Zigabyte stated “that the partnership with ViewDS has provided an architecture that is innovative and world leading. The Junto product is gaining recognition and acceptance, particularly within the US Department of Defense and we are hopeful that this impetus will spill over into coalition partners such as Australia.”

Bob White, CEO of ViewDS: “We are delighted that Zigabyte has selected our software after a rigorous and exacting evaluation and testing process. It is further testimony that Australian security software is globally competitive and standards compliant. We are very excited about the relationship, the global potential for our company, and the export revenues it will generate for Australian technology”.

About Zigabyte

With over 200 successful ICAM implementations, our solutions have received Authority to Operate (ATO) in the US Government’s most secure enclaves. Unlike others, we have been delivering ICAM solutions since day one, ensuring reliable and secure outcomes. At Zigabyte, we value technical leadership and innovation. Our team has been instrumental in the innovative and successful designs and implementations of numerous, complex, and large-scale ICAM programs for the US Department of Defense, including DISA, Army, and SABRE. With a focus on compatibility across different entities and mission partners, we strive to enable our clients to seamlessly integrate and enhance their programs.

About ViewDS Identity Solutions

ViewDS Identity Solutions, headquartered in Melbourne Australia, is the developer of innovative Identity & Access Management (IAM) software. Our products are utilised by partners such as integrators, software vendors (white label) and resellers to complement their solutions. Our business strategy is to remain focused on product innovation and development and responding to partner needs. ViewDS products are deployed and supported in more than 30 countries.

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